The Warriors From The East Experience (Tanzania)


Four Tanzanian singers and a group of young german musicians form a band in Mannheim (Germany). Together they create music, that shows cultural diversity but respects differences. Borders will be pushed, or even erased. This social sculpture will go on tour to share this experience with more people. After all, the grown material will be recorded in a studio. The audio,- photo- and videomaterial will be published all together as testimony of cultural, global understanding and cooperation.


The relation between Africa and the Western World occupies my mind since i’ve been living four month in Tansania. Through teaching at a school and by meeting the Tanzanian Band The Warriors From The East, I could get deep insight into the Tanzanian live. After having long and intense conversations with the musicians of the band, who have a lot knowledge about the history of Africa, the world and about religions, numerous questions occurred to me: Why do I spend so much money on music-equipment, if it is possible to make music out of a can? Why do over 50 percent of Tanzanian students fail in there final exams, and why is noone changing that fact? Why is CocaCola written on every second wall? Why does the gap between rich and poor feel even bigger here? Why do I have to justify my life? What is the relation between economy, religion, history and demography that makes up the situation of Africa today? Where does the revolutionary energy of reggae music come from? In the end: Why do I live like this and they live like this? Often I didn’t have arguments, knowledge or answers in these discussions about politics, war, way of life, homophobia and polygamy. Since I am back in Germany, these open thoughts and questions bother me more and more, and I know they will not vanish until I deal with them in some way. I decided to deal with them as musician with music. Because music can create understanding and connection on a spiritual level, which is besides the scientifical, objective level, essential for a positive future of the global community. This effect of music was the great experience that my Tanzania-journey showed me. The Warriors From The East Experience shell give a new idea of cultural diversity, impulses and new perspectives on live to the musicians, all people involved, and the audiences.